Meals on Wheels: More Than Just Meals

Shannon McCarthy Headshot
By: Shannon McCarthy

Everyone has heard of Meals On Wheels. I think most only know the general idea: meals for seniors in need. Meals On Wheels does much more than just feed these individuals. It provides comfort, security, and happiness to seniors. Some of these seniors cannot drive, do not have any company during the day, and cannot cook. They are limited to what they can eat and this may be detrimental to their health. Meals On Wheels provides a familiar face with a delivery service of healthy food. This organization has helped keep people out of the hospital by providing balanced nutritious meals and by often checking up on them.1 Meals On Wheels spends only about seven dollars a day to feed a person versus the one thousand or more dollars it would cost to stay in a hospital.1

This organization is non-profit and runs by people volunteering their time out of the kindness of their hearts. There is a dramatically increasing senior population and the average life expectancy is at a record high.2 This means the need for Meals On Wheels is increasing and volunteers in offices, preparing and delivering meals is needed. The company wants to expand and provide better care for this huge up and coming senior citizen population.

photo: Robbinsville Township

This organization recognizes that they do more than just feed seniors and they would like to expand further into health care. A new section of the company has just been launched to perform safety screenings along with delivering meals. These screenings check to see if the patient is alert, maintaining weight, and looks out for medical red flags. Meals On Wheels would be saving hospitals and clients thousands of dollars in medical bills by performing these daily screenings. The company plans to receive funding for the screening process from health care organizations and insurers.1

Meals On Wheels already provides great food and great care to senior citizens, so why not expand and do an even better job for even more people? Meals On Wheels clients report improved health, security and independence.2 The organization will continue to save money, decrease hospital visits, and provide overall better care for their patients.


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