November Organization Updates

Michelle Wolff
By: Michelle Wolff


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation was established in 1966 and is one-of-a-kind being that it’s the only charity that works directly towards promoting nutrition and dietetics. They aim to do this while utilizing registered dietitian nutritionists’ expertise and promoting the vision We All Eat Right. One way the Foundation executes its mission is by providing funding to different programs to further optimize their potential. One main source of funding is given through dietetic scholarships which provided 384 students with funding over this past year. They also give awards to those who are already in their profession, such as registered dietitians, to enhance their career. Furthermore, the foundation gives awards to those who have done something significant in the area of food and nutrition. Funding is also provided to researchers which in turn helps registered dietitians and others in the nutrition field keep track of the ever changing facts of nutrition. In addition to funding, the Foundation also serves to educate the public through programs such as Kids Eat Right, Guide for Effective Intervention and Education, and the Future of Food initiative. All of these programs aim to educate those, of all ages, about nutrition to better improve their health and knowledge of food. The Kids Eat Right program is especially important as it starts nutrition education at an early age which helps to prevent disease and better prepare them for the future. One can be involved in the Foundation either by donating or participating in one the many volunteering opportunities they provide. In addition, the Foundation holds events each year such as the Food and Nutrition Conference Expo where one can experience many education and social events.

obesity society

The Obesity Society has specific programs to award those doing great things in the field of research related to obesity treatment and prevention. They present awards and grants each year that help researchers to further their studies and make advancements that are beneficial not only to the Obesity Society but to the community as a whole. The Award Program aims to promote and encourage research in the field of obesity by giving out awards. These awards are given for various accomplishments including detailed research advancements, major contributions to the basic science, and treatment and prevention of obesity. These awards are presented at the society’s annual conference, the Obesity Conference that takes place in fall every year. The Grant program was made similarly to encourage research in the field of obesity, but applies more to those who are finding it difficult to get funding. They provide pilot grants of up to $25,000 for a one year period to help inspire new research ideas in areas of investigation related to obesity. Some of their grants include the Early Career Grant Challenge and the Weight Watchers Karen Miller-Kovach Grant.


The American Society of Nutrition Foundation is relatively new as it was founded only three years ago in 2013. Its main objective is to support the growing field of nutrition through advancements in research and practice, as well as providing funds to those working to do this. The American Society for Nutrition itself already plays an important role in distributing nutrition resources to the public health and clinical practice world, and this foundation further enhances it. This makes the society’s role of being a leader of health, nutrition, and wellness even more valued. The foundation does a great deal to support those learning and working in the field of nutrition and do so through multiple programs. They work to promote interest in nutrition science careers, support up and coming scientists, as well as help to provide the most resources to the investigators and institutions. The foundation offers support for researchers by granting predoctoral fellowships and travel awards. They have other programs devoted primarily to enhance scientists’ publishing potential which have been implemented in countries such as China. All their programs focus not only on nutrition but on health and wellness as a whole which is essential for the ability to address the health challenges currently being faced in the world. Currently the Foundation offers more than two dozen scientific awards including the David Kritchevsky Career Achievement Award and the Peter J. Reeds Young Investigator Award. Since the Foundation is still very new, they do not have grants, but plan to add start-up-grants in the future. In addition to providing grants, they hope to expand scholarships, provide opportunities for undergraduate students, and establish mentorship programs in the future.






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