Retail Dietitians: What’s the Buzz?

Stephanie J. Headshot
By: Stephanie Jean

Dietitians in the supermarket. Yay, or nay? Either way, this trend is quickly becoming a suggested practice for grocery stores nationwide. Realistically, what better way is there to be directly involved with the decisions and choices that people make concerning their food? Dietitians are expanding their expertise in the nutrition field and can be utilized for new roles, such as a retail dietitian. A typical day for a retail dietitian in a grocery store can include leading cooking workshops and wellness seminars, one-on-one consultations, and community outreach 1.

Grocery stores such as ShopRite are employing registered dietitians to help customers shop and decode food labels 1. In a world today where there are so many health claims and dietary suggestions circling around us, it is important to differentiate between overly exaggerated myths and solid facts. Retail dietitians are able to directly intervene with customers suffering from various nutritional related problems, by suggesting food items from around the store that will help to promote better health.

Recently, I visited Winn-Dixie on Beach Blvd for a grocery tour assignment. I was very pleased with the design and layout of the store, specifically the produce section. I noticed the special attention that was given to explain certain products, such as peppers, and to divide the organic produce from the conventional produce.

It is initiatives such as this, that aim to continually support health and nutrition. Supermarkets are taking on the lead of becoming more concerned with the health of their customers, and quite likely there will be an increase in the demand for retail dietitians across the nation.


  1. Johnson L. Where to find a dietitian: your supermarket. Published October 7, 2016. Accessed October 17, 2016.

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