October Organization Updates

Michelle Wolff
By: Michelle Wolff

obesity society

The Obesity Society is a scientific and educational organization that focuses on expanding the research, prevention, and treatment of obesity to assist those with obesity. The members of the society are made up of PhDs, MDs, and RDs who work in various settings including universities, hospital, individual or group practice, medical school, and other fields. These members receive continuing education from TOS which they can apply to their work. TOS publishes a weekly newsletter called TOS eNEWS. This letter is distributed every Wednesday to around 16,000 researchers and clinicians who have an interest in obesity science. The Society also currently publishes two journals, including the leading peer-reviewed scientific journal in the field, Obesity, and a new journal, Obesity Science & Practice. One of this month’s major interests is ObesityWeek which is fast approaching. ObesityWeek is the society’s annual meeting which is held from October 31st-Novemebr 4th, 2016 in New Orleans. This meeting is cohosted with the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery which together bring in numerous experts in obesity research, treatment, and prevention. During the meeting, the most recent discoveries from laboratory studies are broken down to the basic science and presented so it can be used to treat patients. Members have access to several lectures, panel discussions, oral presentations, as well as interactive debates. Last year more than 1000 research abstracts were presented in oral presentations. It is here that members benefit the most from learning about the newest discoveries and technologies.


Founded in 1917, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics was originally made with the intent to help the government conserve food and improve the public’s health and nutrition during World War I. Now, the Academy is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals including registered dieticians, dietetic technicians, and other dietetics professionals. Their goal is to improve the nation’s health while also making progressions in the profession of dietetics. The members of the academy do their best to have a positive impact on the public’s food choices by improving nutritional status and treating illnesses or injuries. Recently the Academy announced the theme for National Nutrition Month 2017, which takes place in March. A crack on “Put Your Best Foot Forward”, the theme is “Put Your Best Fork Forward” implying that each of us holds the tool to help us make healthier food choices. During March academy members will help to influence the public on shifting to healthier choices by promoting various NNM activities and messages. The academy continually posts articles on their website of new findings and informative nutrition news that is very beneficial to the public. One of their articles from this month is “7 Cancer Prevention Tips for Your Diet” where they outline the general national guidelines to reduce the risk of cancer while also making suggestions on how to follow them. This article comes at a good time since next month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Another article from this month is, “Quick Guide to Food Safety While Traveling the U.S.” which gives tips on how to choose the healthiest and safest food choices while traveling whether you’re on a plane, a boat, or at your destination. This is extremely beneficial for those who are looking to traveling during the upcoming holidays.


The American Society for Nutrition started out as the American Institute for Nutrition when it was founded in 1928, and became the ASN in 2005 when the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, the American Society for Nutritional Science, and the Society for International Nutrition merged. It is dedicated to bringing together the world’s top researchers and clinical nutritionists to further expand the public’s knowledge of nutrition and to improve human health. Today it is comprised of more than 5000 scientists and practitioners and is continuing to grow. The members of ASN work towards developing and extending the knowledge of nutrition through various types of research and provide reliable nutrition information for those in need. This is accomplished thorough improving research in animals and human nutrition, sharing results of peer-reviews nutrition research, and encouraging education and training in nutrition. The ASN currently publishes three academic journals: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Journal of Nutrition, and its newest journal, Advances in Nutrition. Preparations have already begun for the “Advances and Controversies in Clinical Nutrition Conference” which will take place on December 8th-10th 2016.This meeting is held by the ASN and 2016 will mark the 6th year of the event. During the three day conference, the latest research, advances, and best practices in clinical nutrition will be exhibited. The conference delivers this information through lectures, controversy sessions, workshops, professional development, scientific posters, and more. The target audience for this conference consists primarily of health care professionals and is geared towards developing an interest in clinical nutrition and to communicate new cutting edge advances in nutrition research. Some of this year’s program highlights include: Treatment of Metabolically Normal Obesity, Dietary Approaches for Diseases Associated with Insulin Resistance, and New Approachs.es for Prevention of Peanut Allergy.


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