Exploring Superfoods

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By: Jenna Wallace

It seems like EVERY food is a superfood these days. But what foods are seriously packing a punch for our bodies? Each month, we will explore 1 superfood, its benefits, and how to incorporate it into your diet.

This month: Maca

Maca comes from a root and can be commonly found as a powder or in capsules. This tan powder has some serious health benefits, especially for all those suffering from stress. One of the most significant benefits of Maca is its role as an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a food that allows our bodies to better react to stress whether it be physical or mental. Maca helps to increase stamina, combat fatigue, and encourage endocrine balance AKA lower stress levels! The good news, is that you don’t have to chug a whole glass of this stuff. Nope, just 1 tsp added into a smoothie or even a homemade coffee drink can produce the amazing benefits known to this superfood.


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