July Nutrition Updates

Michelle Wolff
By: Michelle Wolff 

Food Trends

Bone Broth

Bone broth is made from simmering bones that have a small amount of meat on them in water for anywhere from 8-24 hours. This process helps to release healing compounds such as collagen, proline, glycine and glutamine1. Furthermore, minerals from the bones leach into the broth including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and are highly absorbable by the body. Bone broth has been shown to be extremely beneficial for the gut, especially for people with leaky gut or digestive issues. The gelatin helps to restore the strength of the gut lining (which is compromised in those with leaky gut), as well as fight food sensitivities1. Bone broth is very soothing for the body, and helps to keep things moving along. Other benefits include protection of joints, maintains healthy skin, supports immune system, aids in metabolism, and boosts detoxification. Bone broth may be enjoyed simply as a drink, or used in cooking such as in soups and stews.


Kimchi is a traditional fermented probiotic food that is a staple Korean side dish. It is made by fermenting vegetables such as cabbage, radish, scallion, cucumber, red chili paste, and garlic in tight sealed glass jars for several days and up to several months. During this process, it produces live and active probate cultures and develops a sour and spicy taste2. Lactobacilli and lactic acid are the two predominant types of probiotics produced during the fermentation process and contribute greatly to the overall benefits of kimchi2. One of its main benefits is boosting immunity, and years ago when the SARS epidemic began spreading, researchers actually speculated that kimchi may have helped play a role in protecting the Koreans. Recently, it has been claimed to prevent bird flu. In addition to keeping ones immune system in tract, kimchi has also been show to improve digestion, reduce cravings, and promote healthy skin. It has a strong nutrition profile being low in calories (96 per half cup) and high in fiber and protein. Kimchi can be enjoyed alongside any dish or even eaten alone.


Supplement Trends


Studies have shown that the majority of people (80%) are not getting enough magnesium, likely because the amount of magnesium required by the body is more than people think3. It’s very easily depleted through stress on the body such as intense exercise or an emotional mental state. On the other hand, people seem to be getting a lot more calcium then magnesium which throws the body off balance. Calcium helps muscles to contract, while magnesium helps them relax and thus one needs an equal balance of both. By supplementing with magnesium, one can help to restore their magnesium levels, as well as balance their calcium intake. This in turn will help reduce stress and put one into a more relaxed state. In addition, magnesium may help to reduce insomnia, relieve constipation, and relieve muscle aches3. There are many different types of magnesium that can be taken, and one should chose based on their specific needs. These different types of magnesium can be found in different forms including pills powders, and gummies.


Turmeric is common spice most notably used in spicy curry dishes. Recently, the powerful herb has been getting more attention for its benefits beyond making a delicious meal. Multiple peer reviewed articles now populate the web discussing the healing properties of turmeric, specially one compound found in it called curcumin. Many of curcumins effects actually surpass certain medications and holistic doctors have started to replace these with turmeric supplementation. Some medications it has been shown to be able replace are anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants, anti-coagulants, pain killers, diabetes drugs, arthritis medications, steroids and inflammatory bowel disease drugs4. One of the most notable advantages of curcumin is its lack of side effects. Although side effects such as nausea and low blood pressure may occur, it’s likely only in extremely high doses. Turmeric can be taken in supplement form or enjoyed in various recopies such as turmeric tea, turmeric eggs, and various curry dishes.


Wellness Trends


With everyone’s on the go, busy day to day schedules, it’s not surprising that yoga has started to become a popular way for people to wind down and distress. Yoga classes are offered at many gyms now, and yoga studios are popping up almost on the daily. Yoga combines physical moment with breathing techniques to bring a meditative focus as well as relaxation5. One of its main benefits is its effect on people’s anxiety and stress levels. Studies have found that yoga minimizes inflammatory responses to stressful encounters5. That, in turn, reduces the health burden that stress places on an individual. In addition to helping with stress, those who practice yoga rgualrly have reported having better quality sleep,  improved flexibility and range of motion, recued fatigue, and an overall improved quality of life.


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