Editorial Team

NutriNews is a student run club for educational purposes. Our staff is full of juniors and seniors at the University of North Florida studying Nutrition and Dietetics. Our staff includes writers, editors, publishers, and web designers. 

Our Team

Ali Jahan-Mihan
Dr. Alireza Jahan-Mihan, Faculty Advisor
Sara Boyd Headshot
Sara Boyd, Editor-in-Chief








Sarah Boroski
Sarah Boroski, Assistant Director + Senior Editor
Stephanie Jean
Stephanie Jean, Social Media Manager, Head Editor + Senior Writer







Jenna Wallace
Jenna Wallace, Social Media Manager & Writer
Michelle Wolff
Michelle Wolff, Social Media Manager & Writer







Jenn Whilborg
Jenn Wihlborg, Manager Team: Recruitment
Liz Salinsky Headshot
Elizabeth Salinsky, Head Publisher
Jessica Chiu
Jessica Chiu, Senior Publisher










Leila Ninya
Leila Ninya, Junior Publisher
Tyler Gehm
Tyler Gehm, Treasurer + Junior Writer
Anna Crum
Anna Crum, Social Media Assistant




Katie K. Headshot
Katie Kuykendall, Senior Editor












Adriana G. Headshot
Adriana Gonzalez, Senior Editor







hannah gibson
Hannah Gibson, Senior Writer
Shannon McCarthy
Shannon McCarthy, Senior Writer







Heather Allen
Heather Allen, Senior Writer
Brittany Mock
Brittany Mock, Senior Writer




Katie Evers
Katie Evers, Senior Writer





Anielly Rocha
Anielly Rocha, Senior Writer








Michelle Landman
Michelle Landman, Junior Writer
Savannah Heideman
Savannah Heideman, Junior Writer